Sharp's Folk Club

An Evening at Sharp's

This cassette tape aimed to present a typical evening at Sharp's Folk Club. It features most of the club's regular singers at the time of recording (the Spring of 1991). It was recorded over the course of three evenings at the club and was produced by Barbara Lester and Tony Kendall.

Side A

Track Title Origin Performer Instrument
1 Hard, ain't it hard Traditional American Tom Paley banjo and vocal
2 The immigrant Traditional English Clive Woolf vocal
3 Broomfield Hill Traditional English Ann Elfred
Chris Scriven
4 The road less travelled Words: Robert Frost
Tune: Jerry Stuart
Jerry Stuart vocal
5 Hard times of old England Traditional English Dave West vocal
6 Flash company Traditional English Martin Nail vocal
7 Ribar plete mrizu svoju (A fisherman is knitting his net) Traditional Bosnian Jasna Cross vocal
8 Eviction at Gospel Oak Freddie McKay Freddie McKay vocal
9 Sheep shearing song Traditional English Tony Kendall vocal
10 Home boys, home Traditional English Steve Brown vocal

Side B

Track Title Origin Performer Instrument
1 Sheriff of Nottingham Tom Goddard Tom Goddard 12-string guitar and vocal
2 London street cries Traditional English John White vocal
3 Druchenkarlleken Traditional Swedish Tom Paley fiddle
4 The village pump Traditional English Dave West vocal
5 On Mother Kelly's doorstep Anon Chris Turner vocal and piano
6 St Patrick's Day Freddie McKay Freddie McKay vocal monologue
7 Mary Hamilton Traditional American/Scots Barbara Lester vocal
8 Trafalgar Square Gerry M Milne Gerry M Milne vocal and English concertina
9 I live not where I love Traditional English Tony Kendall
Sara Byers
vocal and guitar

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